Welcome to Homeward Bound

Our Mission

The Homeward Bound team is committed to the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the pets under our care and to delivering exceptional pet care and client service.  We will ensure a safe and secure environment, treat every animal with respect and kindnesses and maintain client privacy, security and confidentiality.

Our Mantra

When it comes to the care of your pets,”good enough” isn’t good enough.

The Homeward Bound Team will strive to provide excellence in the execution of all services, and to consistently exceed client expectations

Benefits of In-Home-Pet-Care

In-home pet care is ideal for families with multiple pets, older pets, pets with special needs, or just deservedly spoiled! Their care is personalized to suit their unique needs. Should any health concerns arise, your pet will be taken to their veterinarian on record, or an emergency veterinarian will be contacted. Reduce your pet’s stress and anxiety while you are away by eliminating boarding at the vet or kennel upsetting both you and your pet(s). No more unnecessary time away from home due to limited kennel drop off and pick up hours. Best of all, they are home to greet you when you return! You can enjoy your time away knowing your furry family members are in trusted, loving hands.

What You Can Expect

Daily progress reports are provided documenting your pet’s activities, behavior, and mood during their daily visits with their pet nanny. A wellness assessment is completed each day. Your pet’s appetite level, water intake, bowel movements and urination activity is monitored to ensure your pet is happy, healthy and safe. No more than 6 hours will lapse between daytime visits. Water is refreshed each visit, food and water bowls are washed after each meal, dogs are offered two “potty breaks” during each visit, and litter is maintained daily. Your pet’s will maintain their daily routine and get lots of love and attention from their pet nanny.

Each team member is furnished with a tool bag like none other. From hygiene to fun, our team is ready for action. Their “Nanny Bag”, filled with brushes, combs, breathe foam, ear cleaner, tweezers, scissors, nail trimmers, baby wipes, ball-launchers, kitty toys, lasers, cat nip, Happy-Dog Spray, leashes, harnesses and treats, treats, treats, prepares each nanny for anything they may encounter. We also carry brooms, waste bags, glass cleaner, and carpet cleaner for those unexpected “oops” moments or messes in your home.

Daily HE-ALTH Assessment

Trained and certified in Pet CPR and First-Aid. Our team members are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to care for the very young to the very old.

Health and Happiness Evaluation of your pets Abdomen, Legs, Tail and Head.

Homeward Bound’s daily hands on, nose to tail, wellness assessment. Your pet’s four anatomy “zones” are examined each afternoon to ensure their physical and emotional well-being!

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