~The McCutchens Family~

The McCutchens Family Jessica, Mac, Remy & Roux
The McCutchens Family
Jessica, Mac, Remy & Roux

Remy was a gift from a dear friend while Jessica was in dental school.  She got her when she was a tiny 7 weeks old, and she stole her heart!  Remy has been by her side through every single thing in Jessica’s life for the last 11 years.  They moved 6 times together! 5 times in New Orleans and now to Oxford. Remy has always been the happiest, kindest, and most compassionate girl.  She has had a few obstacles with her health over the years…several stomach surgeries, a toe amputation, tumor removal, and was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  But she has never slowed down.  She has always gone everywhere with Jessica, whether it’s the grocery store, the park, just a walk about town, or a road trip!  When they lived in New Orleans, she would accompany Jessica and visit the children at the school for the blind and just make their day! 

4 years ago Jessica went with her mom to pick up her newest addition to their family, Dakota, the double doodle.  Well, let’s just say Jessica and mom left with DOUBLE double doodles!  She met Roux (Rugar) and couldn’t leave her behind!  At first, Remy was jealous and not so sure about this energetic fur ball, but they became fast friends and are truly inseparable.  Remy has raised her like her own.  So, 2 became 3 and Roux and Remy go everywhere with her and totally rule the household. 

Both named after guns;  Remington (Remy) and Ruger (Roux)…and her little pistols. 

In 2014, Mac and Jessica were reunited after 12 years apart.  3 months later, they were engaged and Mac moved to New Orleans to be with the 3 musketeers.  The pups liked him okay, but were not interested in sharing their space or their mom with him!  That quickly changed.  Remy and Roux absolutely adore Mac and he them. Mac has the girls totally addicted to frisbee and Roux loves to curl up in Mac’s lap, like she weighs 15 pounds!!  So Perkins family of 2 became 3 became the McCutchen family of 4!  Mac didn’t know what he was in for!!  He loves all of his girls and can’t imagine a life without them! 

The McCuthcens moved to Oxford in July of 2015 when they opened Jessica’s dental practice, Perkins Dental, in New Albany, MS.  Remy and Roux have settled into Oxford wonderfully and love, love, love barking at deer and squirrels, and such…very different than the views in New Orleans!  They are no longer city dogs. 

Mac and Jessica do not have two-legged children yet, so, yes, these two furry babies are their babies and the light of their lives!  Remy and Roux love all of their 8 nieces and nephews and love playing with them.  Jessica thinks sometimes that Roux is going to start speaking at any minute. 

Remy tells Jessica when it is 5:30 each morning, that it is time to get up and every night at 6:30 that it is time to eat! If she finds a puddle, Remy will throw herself in it…the girl loves some water!  Roux loves to watch tv…she will watch an entire movie like she knows the exact plot.  She will cut her eyes at you when you are saying or doing something she does not approve of.  And if you have a free hand, Roux expects you to be using it to pet  her.  Jessica and Mac love them with all of their hearts!  And they love each other like crazy.  They feel very thankful to be blessed with such wonderful, one of a kind girls! 

These girls LOVE their trips to the SPAW!!!  They come twice monthly; Remy gets to have her Pooch in Prime whirlpool bath, that she loves and so deserves, and Roux gets conditioned, massaged and her beautiful hair fluffed!  It’s their favorite local trip to take!  They “check themselves in” and head directly to their relaxation room awaiting the spoils of their spaw-day! They have always worn seasonal scarves since they were both puppies, so they especially appreciate getting new stylish accessories  every time they come.

Happy New Year to our January 2018 Pet Family of the Month. We are so lucky to have you to help take away our hazy shades of winter.