~The Beard Family~

Katherine, Bradley Mary Virginia, Julian, and Nella
Katherine, Bradley Mary Virginia, Julian, and Nella

‘Twas a chilly night this September when all through the Beard house,

Nella wasn’t stirring, or even about.

She’d arrived in a sleigh just 3 Christmas’s ago,

As a gift to the children, a furr sibling to play with and love!

Oh where, oh where could their Christmas baby be?

Their beautiful Golden-doodle Nella was missing, and the children were in tears

Mom, Katherine told the children, she must be on an adventure

back to the North Pole to lend a hand, and of course visit with Santa!

Bradley, Mary Virginia and Julian, were sad she was gone

but felt comfort from knowing, she’d help the elves in their time of need!

A week and a day passed, and still no sign of Nella,

The community jumped to her aide, when they heard about the matter!

The word spread like fire flies swarming, and she was finally spotted

A nefarious plot exposed, and bad intentions thwarted.

The good people of Oxford, MS rose to the occasion,

And Nella returned home, and the family delighted

Her adventure was wild, and her tale was apparent,

Her body showed the signs, and she was desperate for some comfort.

Katherine brought her to the Spaw less than 24 hours later.

To wash away the stains of what must have been a very scary adventure,

Where she was met by the Spaw staff, her friends and extended family.

We showered her with love and made her shine upon departure,

She was scrubbed, and covered, and rubbed, lathered up with lovely bubbles

Then adorned with a necklace and shiny bows that made her sparkle!

Mary Virginia, always loves these extra special Spaw adornments

After a while she and Nella will play, and they will share them with her dollies!  

The family is thankful and fell blessed, for Nella’s safe return

And the children are elated Nella spoke with the elves and Santa herself!

To relay their Christmas wish-lists to the man in charge, in person!

Bradley, Mary Virigina and Julian say they what to share her special secret

With all the children of Oxford, a direct line to reach Santa!

If your puppy hasn’t had a North Pole adventure, than simply pick up the phone and directly dial Santa!

Tell him NELLA told you so (951-262-3062) and relay your Christmas wishes

But most important, let us not forget the reason we have wishes.

To keep our loved ones close at hand and celebrate the most precious gifts this year.

Thank you Nella and Beard family for making this a special season!


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to one and all this year, from the Beard Family, our December Pet Family of the Month and our Homeward Bound family!