Becoming a New Client


Homeward Bound requests a minimum of 5 days lead time for all new client requests in conjunction with upcoming service. However, new client acceptance does not guarantee we have availability for the specific dates requested.

  1.  New Client Questionnaire

Your first step is to complete the New Client Questionnaire on our websites under the tab “New Clients”

This will give us some basic information concerning your pet care needs and whether Homeward Bound is a good fit for your family.

  1.  Your Online Profile & New Client Consultation

Once we have received your New Client Questionnaire and have determined we can meet your pet care needs, we will contact you within 24-48 hours (weekends excluded), at which time we will schedule your complimentary New Client Consultation and send you an invitation link via email to create a username and password to access your secure Homeward Bound profile/account.

You will use our online system to input your pet care details, home details, make service or cancellation requests, access your invoices, make payments and communicate with us directly. Your complete profile details must be received prior to the New Client Consultation.

At the time of the Consultation an HB representative will visit with you at your home to meet both you and your furry family members. We will finalize the details of your care needs, assess the temperament of your pets, answer any questions you have about Homeward Bound, our policies, procedures, staff, services, and care execution.

All details necessary to care for you pets and home should be entered directly into your account and all service requests made via the HB system. Care information is reviewed by our staff in advance of the execution of each individually requested service. They then access your info “in the field” via mobile devices to verify specific instructions and details. Therefore HB cannot accept “handwritten” or typed notes for care instructions. This only creates confusion for our staff, and takes precious time away from your pets as we try to reconcile conflicting information, make updates and changes to your account, and edit on-site Progress Report made in advance of your reservation and based upon your existing account details.

  1.  Keys

Homeward Bound recommends keeping permanent keys on file with us for all current and future service. At the time of the New Client Consultation we will collect two copies of your key or identify two separate entry methods to access your home.

Acceptable forms of home entry include:

two copies of the same key, keys for two different doors, one key plus a garage code, one key plus a garage clicker, or entry codes for two separate access doors.

If you only have one key at the time of the Consultation you may drop one at our business office prior to the first date of service, or we will be happy to make an additional copy on your behalf ($8). Keys remain in staff custody when service is being executed and returned back to our business office after each visit.

  1.  Service Confirmation, Invoices & Payment

After you New Client Consultation has been completed, if you have an upcoming service request (and we are able to accommodate your request) you will receive a confirmation of service acceptance via email (typically within 24 hours) which will then be followed by your invoice. Both your accepted service and invoice will also be available for viewing within your HB account.

Please keep in mind a requested service does not constitute a confirmed reservation.

Payment is due at the time service commences. You may choose to pay via cc through your HB account prior to your departure, or leave a check payment for pick up on the day of your first scheduled service. Please communicate to us if check payment is your choice. If payment is not received by the first date of service it will be settled to the cc on file. In the event payment is unable to be collected, service will be cancelled.

Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Check (preferred) Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

Additional information concerning policies and procedures can also be found under this tab new clients>policies